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This page will be updated regularly We Celebrate Black History Month All Massages $50.00 Swedish Trigger point Therapy Hot Stones Abdominal Therapy* This Treatment is for those who suffer with I.B.S, Bloating,Cramping* What are the benefits of Massage?
-Reduction of muscle tension and stiffness
-Relief of muscle spasms
-Greater flexibility and range of motion
-Relief of stress and aide of relaxation
-Improvement of the circulation of blood and movement of lymph
-Promotion of faster healing of soft tissue injuries
-Enhancement in the health and nourishment of the skin
-Builds and stabilizes vitality and longevity -Creation of a feeling of well-being
-Reduction in levels of anxiety
-Promotion of a relaxed state of mental awareness
-Promoted stability and endurance -Strengthen communications within the nervous system
-Provides Knowledge in self healing
-Me the one who cares about you

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