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Who Am I?

My name is Tracy L. Wilcox, a mother of two wonderful children and a dedicated round the clock healer. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always been helpful and interested in aiding others. I’ve always aspired to find out how I holstered the power of healing and by what means I would be able to distribute this gift. At last I had found it literally within my hands through the art of Massage Therapy.  After five lengthy years of practicing on my own and realizing how much of a difference I was making in my client’s lives I decided that in order to advance in my field I would need a professional accredited education. After thorough and rigorous searching I was satisfied when I enrolled into Anthems Institute. (Jersey City Campus) It was there that I was actually able to hone my craft, discover and learn about the many principles and structures the body’s anatomy and physiology has to offer. Furthermore, in a year’s time with my extraordinary and impulsive drive to succeed and focus I received my NJ State license which has now put me on the road to YOU. I am confident enough in my skills as a massage therapist that I can help my clients elevate acute and chronic pain, provide you with a soothing relaxation that you deserve, and a chance to have a life free of unnecessary pain. Healing is my purpose, and as long as I breathe I am blessed to be able to deliver just that.


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NJ State licensed Massage Therapist

Member of the American Massage Therapy Associations

Intern-ship (NY Giants Football Team)

2014 -2015 Advisory Board Committee (Bradford Hall Career Institute)

Owner of Diamond back Massage




Trigger-point Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage






I have suffered several years with chronic neck, spinal, and sciatica pain. I tried countless health care providers of all sorts. After my initial session with Tracey I knew I had found the right person. During that visit my neck pain had already started feeling 70% better. That night my neck pain was completely gone. Trigger point therapy with Tracey is the best decision I ever made. She has a unique skill. Tracey has improved my quality of life with trigger point therapy more than I have had with any other therapy or treatment. Tracey is a delightful person and an absolute professional. It is truly amazing! I am very grateful for Tracey's help. I highly recommend her.



-Magdalena Decker


I have been a power lifter for many years. During that time I have read about the benefits of trigger point/deep tissue therapy for weight lifters in my favorite weight lifting mag. To be honest I dismissed the claim the trigger point therapy can aid in recovery, provide increase flexibility and mobility. Now at the age of 58, still moving iron, I decided I would see for myself if trigger point therapy is all it's cracked up to be. Immediately after my first session I noticed a significant improvement in my squatting in terms of range of motion. In the past, at the bottom of the squat I would hit a wall and not be able to get low enough for competition standards. I was thrilled and sold. I have been going for regular treatment and consider trigger point as a vital part of my training just as I would diet, sleep and recover…it has become an integral part of my training…..

Tracey is professional, conscientious and caring.


Warm Regards,





I work a lot and stand on my feet quite a bit I get massages on a regular basis one day. I met this young lady and she told me she was a Massage therapist. So I made an appointment the next week I told her I had surgery a few years back and I had a lot of pain in my upper back, so she did an assessment and got me on the table. She made sure I was comfortable at all times and I couldn’t believe after  the treatment with Tracy that day she opened my eyes on my overall heath and what Tracy found took me by surprise. She explained to me that I had edema in my legs. Now I’ve been to my Dr and he told me that because of my work that they were a little swollen, nothing to worry about. However, Tracy explained what the lymphatic system does. She even printed information out for me to give me a better idea of the issue I had. She explained to me how lymphatic drainage will improve my health and what I must do to maintain the healing process.  I agreed to let Tracy treat my condition I am so grateful to Tracy. In the second week I started to notice a change in the swelling and I wasn’t tight either. After the four week my ankles were normal again. I was amazed and overjoyed the fluids were gone I couldn’t believe it

Tracy is a very Professional, caring, and an amazing therapist. Thank you Tracy so much may many people find you.


All my best to you


-M. Silver Jersey City Police Dept




Tracy Wilcox

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